Early Childhood Education

In our Early Childhood Education (ECE) programme, children aged two to five begin their lifelong learning journeys. The nurturing, play-based, and multicultural environment that our dynamic ECE Co-Teachers and classrooms provide ensures that each child’s unique interests and curiosities flourish. By offering children a high-quality and engaging education starting in ECE, YCIS helps children discover the joy of learning.

One YCIS ECE student wears YCIS hat in the art class

Philosophy and Objectives

At YCIS, our bilingually focused, research-based, and holistic approach to education helps our children build a strong foundation and range of skills from an early age. In our ECE programme, it’s imperative that our children view themselves as competent learners and know that they are valued and understood; therefore, our teachers provide personalised attention and guidance in order to help each child develop to their full potential. As part of our philosophy, we welcome families’ interest in their children’s learning journey, and we encourage their active involvement on campus and in our school community.


The concepts and skills that are important for preschool learning are embedded in meaningful activities in our indoor and outdoor environments. In our classrooms and play areas, children see themselves as readers and writers as they retell their favourite stories and express themselves through drawing, mark making and recognising that writing carries meaning whilst building fundamental language skills. Building with blocks, cooking, and sand and water play all provide infinite opportunities for children to learn and practise skills such as mathematics and the concepts of scientific discovery.


Co-teaching effectively facilitates the bilingual learning environment where both Chinese and English languages are equally valued. Each class has an experienced early years team with two Co-Teachers, one English speaking Western teacher and one bilingual Chinese teacher who plan together for the learning needs of their students. As equal partners in the classroom, ECE Co-Teachers provide an environment where children interact naturally, feel comfortable about their own identity and language, and begin to move easily between cultures. This environment contributes positively towards a child’s future success in school, and later in their future, helping them to be successful in an increasingly globalised world.


As the heads of our school, two Co-Principals, one Western and one Chinese, work together to provide academic leadership and oversee the implementation of the Early Childhood education. Our Co-Principals’ successful cross-cultural collaboration acts as a model for Co-Teachers, children, and the greater YCIS community alike.

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