Kindergarten Two's, Three's & Four's

Our whole day programme is offered five days a week for preschool children aged two to five.

A YCIS teacher shows content from a children book to ECE students

Chinese and English Language Learning

In each ECE classroom, our Co-Teachers facilitate a multicultural and bilingual learning environment. Together, our Co-Teachers guide children’s learning through structured play. Both Co-Teachers use their respective native language, English and Chinese, to create an engaging and cross-cultural classroom environment that also helps children build skills in both languages.

One YCIS ECE student wears YCIS shirt in the classroom with YCIS teacher

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

The most important learning that occurs in our preschool years (K2 - K4) programme is facilitating children’s social and emotional development. The ability to understand and control one’s own emotions, to develop meaningful relationships, to persist in the face of challenges, and to comprehend social expectations, are all supported by our sensitive and skilled Early Years Co-Teachers.

One YCIS ECE student drawing on the wall

Physical Development and Expressive Arts

Our classrooms and Co-Teachers allow for an abundance of opportunities daily for children to grow and explore. Children are provided with extended periods of play in order to follow their own interests and curiosities in a safe school setting. The learning environments that our classrooms provide are intentionally prepared to develop knowledge and respond to children’s own interests as they enquire about the world in which they live. ECE children at YCIS produce art, music, and dance, and their own constructions, designs, and movements express their individual, creative, and intellectual thoughts.

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