The Start of A New School Year

The new school year is always full of expectations and excitement. After a colourful summer holiday, all YCIS Qingdao students and staff welcomed their first school day. We were so excited to meet each other again on campus!

Early before the school entry, many students and parents waited outside the schools gate.

Warm-up activities in the classroom help students get familiar with classmates and teachers.

With the host of the campus coming back, YCIS is full of joy and vitality.

The day before the first school day, we had New Family Orientation for all the new students and their families to get information of school routines and the preparations they needed. We hope new students will adapt to their new life rapidly and enjoy their time at YCIS Qingdao. 

YCIS Qingdao believes every child is a precious individual. We cherish every growth of our child. There will be more to explore in the new school year and more exciting achievements to celebrate on campus.









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